The celebrations of Labor Day weekend are the perfect way to kick off the month of September.  As we all begin to slow down from our very active summers, refocus on the kids returning to school, and getting into a routine for the coming fall months,  I can’t help but want to change up my closet as well.  At SALT by Pepper, fall is one of the best times of the year, because it means that we get to start layering beautiful textures and colors creating our new favorite looks!


While we all continue to try to live in harmony, pas de calais does it so effortlessly with its clothing.  You will find the romantic, contemporary, comfortable and wearable collection exactly what you need.  The color tones are soft, naturally subdued and inspired by the heritage of the region in which it is designed. In Northern France one will find that delicate lace and cashmere is balanced by the outdoor lifestyle, and there is not a better way to welcome fall then with the pas de calais lightweight cashmere scarves.


One key to creating layers is to have a classic cardigan that can be worn with everything.  The Makenna by Nili Lotan is a mid-length cashmere cardigan that will keep you warm and cozy while you travel for work, a casual night out in downtown Boise, or lounging at home with a glass of wine.


If the night out on the town is what you crave, the Carla blouse by Trovata Birds of Paradise will do the trick.  The deep navy blue coloring with gold thread detail will make you feel feminine and classy.


While jeans are a great look for most everything, having a great pair of trousers is also a MUST to elevate our wardrobe.  The Ludwig pant by CLOSED Official is a combination of classic coloring and style.


The Ludwig with the timeless relaxed fit could use a little structure at times, and the Lil Benz handmade leather bag by Cindy Kirk Design from Sun Valley, Idaho is an easy decision.  I am in LOVE with the detail that Cindy Kirk puts into every design.  Don’t worry, if the color is not for you, SALT by Pepper can custom order any color of leather that you need for your next everyday bag!

Lets not forget about the shoes, an accessory that we just can’t get enough of!  At SALT by Pepper our new shoe obsession lies in the sole of Pedro Garcia. The Fah wedge will leave your feet comfortable and cute.  The slate coloring with the hint of brown trim is more neutral than you would expect.  It brings us full circle back to the subdued tones of the Idaho fall season.


For many of you that have spent time in our store, you all have noticed our sculpture that greets you at the door, which is being displayed by the artist Mark Stasz from Hagerman Idaho.


This is the Quintessence.  The sculpture resonates with the store, as it is the alchemy symbol for SALT.   It is constructed of granite and cast bronze river rocks.  The horizontal line of negative space becomes a powerful element in the sculpture visually as well as structurally.   This piece as well as many others are available through SALT by Pepper.


Enjoy September everyone!  It’s a beautiful month with lots of changes.  I hope to see you all very soon at SALT.  Lets keep bringing Boise those contemporary fashions that we all love.