SHOP SALT to SUPPORT local families affected by childhood CANCER


In honor of my father and families facing a cancer diagnosis.

When you or a loved one hears the word cancer, the next breath you take is different.  Just like that, your daily life is altered forever.  I know this because I watched my father battle cancer for many years of his life.  To say that my family and I were devastated is an understatement.  

Attempting to give my father strength through an encouraging smile while actually hiding a breaking heart is one of the hardest undertakings I’ve ever had to endure.  In those final days, you find yourself wanting to stop time to be a part of every remaining moment you have left together.

Through my father’s sickness, I learned to cherish every moment with family.  This is why my husband and I decided that we wanted to do something big, something to help other families currently facing a cancer diagnosis.  We are emotionally connected and passionate about our decision to make February our month to give to a local cause because February was when my father lost his battle with cancer. 

Each year we find and support a local program in need of financial assistance, and then donate SALT’s profits for a whole month, the month of February, to that cause.  For 2023 we have selected the Camp Rainbow Gold program that supports Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer.  

Our mission in this annual February fundraiser is to help alleviate families affected by cancer from the burden of having to choose between their hospital bills or treatments and spending time with one another.  No amount of time will ever be enough, but if we can help give people just a little peace of mind, or one day to put stress aside to be with loved ones, then we will do everything in our power to do that.  



Camp Rainbow Gold

Camp Rainbow Gold is a nonprofit organization serving Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families. What started in the mid-’80s as a week of camp for a handful of children diagnosed with cancer is now much, much more. Yes, Camp Rainbow Gold is still a summer oncology camp, but it’s also a sibling camp and a family camp. It’s a college scholarship program and a teen support group. It’s 365 days of making a difference in the lives of these children as well as their families and others who support them.

Camp Rainbow Gold Programs:

Summer camp is an important rite of passage for every youngster — meeting new friends, trying new things, creating art projects, and archery, swimming, and campfires. Children who have experienced pediatric cancer are no different. They are kids who still just need to be kids.

The Oncology Camps welcomes kids who have ever received a pediatric cancer diagnosis. At Camp Rainbow Gold oncology camps, experienced volunteers, medical staff, and licensed social workers keep a careful and nurturing watch over the physical and emotional needs of every camper. Highly trained camp staff and volunteers provide a fun, safe, and caring community. Our oncology camps are fully medically supported all week by an on-site nursing staff and pediatric oncologist.

The camp also focuses on other young family members.  When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the experience has a significant effect on the entire family. Siblings of children diagnosed with cancer also experience a strong emotional and social impact. Studies show that more than half of siblings of a child with cancer show post-traumatic distress symptoms.  Oftentimes, siblings feel overlooked as parents and other family members turn their attention to treatment and other considerations that coincide with a cancer diagnosis. Just as a child with cancer needs support, attention and care, so do their strongest supporters — their brothers and sisters.

100% of the profits from every purchase at SALT by Pepper during the month of February will be donated to Camp Rainbow Gold. 


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